Friday, June 5, 2020

An Essay On Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is Necessary

An Essay On Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is NecessaryThe current Electoral College system is becoming increasingly untenable and as a result, an essay entitled, Why I Should Have Voted For Hillary Clinton In The Election Is Necessary, Is Considered A Must Read In The Political And Policy Sectors. While it seems to be to the advantage of candidates to have their names on the ballot, the list of political offices that are not even worth considering has grown to ridiculous proportions. It was not too long ago that George W. Bush would have received an overwhelming majority of the votes from the political realm, had he won.Current incumbent, Senator John McCain of Arizona, has refused to endorse John McCain, the Republican candidate for President and this has led to controversy and questioning by the media about the authenticity of his selection as the Republican candidate for the next Presidential election. The Republican establishment in Washington has ha d enough and many of the candidates running for the positions, think tank jobs, and committees will support John McCain or perhaps the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson who is, well, a Libertarian.As far as the Electoral College system is concerned, President Barack Obama does not believe that the current system should remain in place, since Senator John McCain of Arizona could have received more votes than either of the Republican Party's nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain. Indeed, even as Senator John McCain of Arizona faces calls to step down, the National Review Online, The New York Times and other progressive news outlets continue to question whether President Obama will follow through on his promise to make changes to the electoral system.You can find many of the questions about the electoral system at the website, and also at the 'Questions John McCain would ask' section of his official campaign website. And in light of what some political pundits say the system currently stands, you can see why this is being considered.The challenge is, if a candidate could win an election without having his name on the Democratic or Republican Party's electoral system, and then they do not run for office again, will they still have a seat on the United States' electoral college system? If Senator McCain was elected President, his future political career would be almost nonexistent. He would no longer be on the electoral college map for political positions.It should also be noted that the Presidential race is still a year away and many of the political and policy makers and think tank experts do not agree on a path forward or strategy. It is quite possible that the winner, President Obama, could actually end up being a one term President, something that is not too appealing to many of the voters who voted for Senator McCain. If he was to lose that election, will he have to retire, the American public has to wonder.Hopefully, this essay will she d some light on why the current system is outdated and why it should be abolished. This topic is worth considering and the government should spend the time to examine the possibility of making major changes.

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